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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how The Broken Phone Project - the administrators of this Project, uses and processes any data that is gathered by this website.

The administrators of The Broken Phone Project retain the right to make changes to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy was last modified on 07-09-2020

Participation to The Broken Phone Project

The Broken Phone Project is an art project, intended to collect a public, international archive of movement video, created by users.
Participation to The Broken Phone Project entails the following.

Video upload

A user must upload a video and provide the country from which they upload the video. The video, if approved by administrators, is automatically edited into a video 'chain' of video's submitted by other users.
This video 'chain' will later be publicly available for anyone to see on The Broken Phone Project website, as a part of the aforementioned public movement archive. Parts of the video 'chain', which might include your submission as user, might be used on social media or other places to promote the Project further.

Country of origin

Along, with uploading a video, users have to specify their country of origin. The users country of origin will be used to display the amount of different countries from which video's have been uploaded, as well as other to be determined artistic reasons.

First and last name

Additionally, a user can submit their first and last name optionally. These names can be used in a later stadium of the project to thank participants with a shoutout for their participation. By submitting first and last name through the upload form, users consent to their name being associated to the video that has been submitted.

Denial of participation and deletion of data

The administrators of The Broken Phone Project reserver the right to decline and delete a user submission if the content is in conflict with the purpose of the project.


Other than the data submitted when participating in the project by uploading, The Broken Phone Project does not collect any more data about it's user than strictly neccesary to make a connection over the internet between client and server. This data may be used to gather information and statistics on usage and performance of the website.


The Broken Phone Project website does not make use of cookies or other online tracking mechanisms to collect data about you.


Data of the user is first uploaded to the webserver hosted at After preprocessing it is uploaded to s3 cloud servers, where it is stored.
The 'chain' of video's that the user submission will be a part of, will also be stored on the servers of Amazon s3.


When visiting the website and uploading to the website, you are protected by standard SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer).


The Broken Phone Project reserves rights on content, shapes and video chains on the website.

We strive to be in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulations. Should you find something that is not in accordance with the GDPR, please contact us.


If you have any further questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at